The Land Records & Regulations Department is responsible for the issuance of new rural addresses or numbers as well as maintaining the numbering system in all municipalities within Langlade County, except the City of Antigo and the Village of White Lake. 

The numbering or addressing system is based on a grid with the lowest numbers beginning in the southeast corner of the County. Rural numbers increase going in either a northerly ("N" numbers) or westerly ("W" numbers) direction.

When a rural number is requested, the applicant must fill out the required application form along with an administrative fee of $25.00.  Rural numbers are issued to properties with buildings and/or to properties where a building is proposed to be located.

Once the rural number has been issued, copies of the form are sent to the Langlade County Sheriff's Department for the 911 system. A copy is also sent to the municipality where the number was issued. The municipality is responsible for placing the number at the site. Applicants are responsible for contacting the local Post Office as well as any other personal contacts.