Forestry and Agriculture Practices

Land Disturbing Activities Related To Forestry And Agriculture

Langlade County Ordinance

Timber harvest and agricultural cultivation are exempt from the vegetation protection area and land disturbing activity requirements if the following standards are:

Timber Harvesting

bullet Such activity is conducted according to the Wisconsin’s Forestry Best Management Practices For Water Quality Manual (published by the WDNR)
bullet The land has an approved forest management plan from the WDNR,
bullet The land is located in the Forestry (F), Exclusive Agricultural (A-1), or Agricultural/Forestry/Residential (AFR) zoning districts (refer to Langlade County Zoning Ordinance)

Agricultural Cultivation

bullet Such activity complies with the best management practices described in the Agricultural Shoreland Management Ordinance Guidelines published by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
bullet The land is enrolled in a farm plan approved by the Langlade County Land Conservation Department,
bullet The land is located in the Exclusive Agriculture (A1) district (refer to Langlade County Zoning Ordinance).

Why we have this in our ordinance

The ordinance recognizes the difference between cutting trees or disturbing land on a residential lot versus sustainable forestry and agricultural practices. If Best Management Practices are followed when harvesting timber or cultivating crops in Langlade County, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and natural aesthetic beauty will be protected.

What you can do...

Obtain a copy of the applicable manual and learn the techniques to help protect water quality in Langlade County. To order publications, contact the Langlade County LRRD and ask for the green sheet entitled Forestry and Agriculture Practices.