SEC. 17.61  The Water & Land Use Planning Committee.

The Water & Land Use Planning Committee is a committee of the County Board, created pursuant to Sec. 59.69, Wis. Stats., and serves as the County planning agency pursuant to Sec. 236.02(1), Wis. Stats.

The Water & Land Use Planning Committee encourages orderly development and land uses that preserve property values and protect the County‚Äôs natural resources to enhance the quality of life of Langlade County residents.  This Committee shall:

1.      Oversee the office of the Land Records & Regulations Department, which includes the Zoning and Sanitary staff, the County Surveyor and the Real Property Lister.

2.      Be the County planning and zoning agency designated under Sec. 59.69 and Sec. 236, Wis. Stats., and have the powers and duties given to it in the Langlade County Zoning, Private Sewage System, Land Division and Citation Ordinances.

3.     Work with the Department Director and staff to keep the county ordinances up-to-date, set policy on zoning administration, county surveying, parcel mapping, real property listing, planning, and related activities, conduct hearings thereon, and make recommendations to the County Board regarding revisions or changes when they are deemed necessary.

Ensure that the terms of the Zoning, Land Division, Private Sewage and other ordinances are being enforced by department staff, and have the authority to authorize litigation necessary to enforce such ordinances.