Ordinary Maintenance and Repair

Foundation Repair

Langlade County Ordinance

Ordinary maintenance and repair includes replacement of windows, doors, roofing and siding; upgrading of insulation; internal remodeling and improvements; repair but not replacement of an existing foundation; replacement of roof trusses up to a maximum 8:12 pitch. Consult with the department about permits required for some of these activities.

Foundation repair is the restoration or fixing of an existing foundation that is cracked, rotted, or otherwise deteriorated. The total length of foundation wall repaired shall not exceed 25% of the total perimeter of basement walls and frost walls, including raising an existing basement to no more than nine feet in total height. Foundation repair also includes the re-establishment of existing footings, poles, piers, supports.

Relocation Standards

Langlade County Ordinance

Legal pre-existing principal structures that are proposed to be relocated shall comply with waterway class shore setbacks and other applicable zoning ordinance requirements. In situations where there are limitations due to lot size, steep slopes, or high-quality natural features as stipulated in department guidance approved by the Water and Land Use Planning Committee that prevent the structure from complying with the required setbacks, a legal pre-existing structure shall be moved back from the water body to the greatest practicable setback. If the resulting setback is less than the required setback, the corresponding legal pre-existing requirements of the resulting setback shall apply to the relocated structure. A variance is needed for a proposed relocation that does not meet these requirements.