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Langlade County Shoreland Restoration

How to attract Birds. Click on "View" after the species of butterfly you want to attract.


Rough-legged Hawk, View
Ruby-crowned Kinglet, View
Ruffed Grouse, View
Sandhill Crane, View
Savannah Sparrow, View
Scarlet Tanager, View
Sedge Wren, View
Sharp-shinned Hawk, View
Snowy Owl, View
Song Sparrow, View
Sora, View
Spotted Sandpiper, View
Swamp Sparrow, View
Tennessee Warbler, View
Tree Swallow, View
Tufted Titmouse, View
Veery, View
Virginia Rail, View
Warbling Vireo, View
Whip-poor-will, View


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