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Buffer Blocker

For those shoreland property owners who are interested in planting emergent or submersed aquatic vegetation, the Langlade County Land Records and Regulations Department (LRRD) has buffer blockers for their use.  Buffer blockers are extremely easy to install, and the LRRD has a detailed list of instructions of how to install them.

Usually the buffer blocker only has to be installed for a period of 2-3 weeks.  This amount of time is usually long enough for the emergent and submersed aquatic vegetation to take root.  The buffer blocker is a combination of PVC pipe and snow-fencing that blocks the wave action of the lake.  By doing this, it allows the vegetation a chance to root itself. 

There are some forms that have to be filled out in order to plant emergent and submersed aquatic vegetation.  If you would like to plant some emergent and submersed aquatic vegetation along your shoreland property, simply contact Matthew L. Wagner (Langlade County Shoreland Protection Specialist) at 715-627-6206 extension 343 and he would be happy to fill out all of the paperwork and forms that are pertinent to your project.  This is purely done out of a convenience to the property owner, due to the fact that aquatic vegetation is extremely important, yet they often overlooked in restoration. 


Any self respecting fisherman will want to plant some emergent and submersed aquatic vegetation along their shoreland property.