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Variety Height Read
Hardstem Bulrush 9 Info
Soft-stem Bulrush Info
River Bulrush Info
Lizards Tail Info
Water Sedge 6 Info
Bebb's Sedge 1.5 Info
Torrey's Rush Info
Porcupine Sedge 1.5 Info
Northern Yellow Lake Sedge 4 Info
Ivory Sedge 0.5 Info
Fox Sedge 2 Info
Bottle Brush Sedge Info
Needle Spike Rush Info
Soft Rush Info
Brown-Fruited Rush Info
Water Millet Info
Broadleaf Cattail Info
Pitcher Plant Info
Large-leaved Pondweed Info
Sago Pondweed Info
Clasping-leaf Pondweed Info
Coontail Info
Great Bladderwort 9 Info
Elodea Info
Forked Duckweed Info
Lesser Duckweed Info
Wild Celery Info
Needle Spikerush Info
Creeping Spike Rush Info
Common Spikerush Info
Wapato 2 Info
Common Bur-reed Info
American Bur-reed 3.5 Info