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Variety Height Read Color
Oswego-Tea 3 Info red
Downy Phlox 1 Info pink
Prairie Smoke 2 Info pink
Clasping Milkweed 3 Info white, pink
Common Milkweed 6 Info purple
Butterfly Weed 3 Info orange
Compass Plant 8 Info yellow
Prairie Rosinweed 6 Info yellow
Black-Eyed Susan 3 Info yellow
Yellow Coneflower 4 Info yellow
Showy Goldenrod 5 Info yellow
Gray Goldenrod 3 Info yellow
Stiff Goldenrod 5 Info yellow
Sweet Ox Eye 6 Info yellow
Woodland Sunflower 5 Info yellow
Yellow Forest Violet 2 Info yellow
Wild Coreopsis 3 Info yellow
Partirdge Pea 3 Info yellow
Virginia Ground Cherry 4 Info yellow
Ohio Spiderwort 2 Info blue
Wild Lupine 2 Info blue
False Blue Indigo 5 Info blue
Sky Blue Astor 3 Info pink
Wild Bergamot 5 Info purple
Mountain Blue Eyed Grass 2 Info purple,blue
Prairie Blue-Eyed-Grass 2 Info purple,blue
Rough Blazingstar 5 Info pink,purple
Purple Coneflower 4 Info purple,pink
Lavendar Hyssop 4 Info blue,purple
Birdsfoot Violet 0.5 Info purple
Hoary Vervain 4 Info purple,pink
Western Spiderwort 1 Info pink,purple
False Dragonhead 2 Info pink,purple
Prairie Spiderwort 2 Info purple,blue
Shooting Star 2 Info white
Smooth Aster 3 Info pink, purple
Evening Primrose 5 Info yellow
Thimbleberry 1.3 Info white
Heath Aster 3 Info white
Bog Bean 1 Info white
Mountain Mint 3 Info white
Wormwood 3 Info white
Whorled Milkweed 2 Info white
Rattlesnake Master 5 Info white
Cream False Indigo 3 Info white
Wild Quinine 5 Info white
Pearly Everlasting 3 Info white
Frost Aster 4 Info white
Flowering Spurge 4 Info white
Dotted Mint 2 Info pink,purple
Starry Solomon's Plume 2 Info white
Low Bush Blueberry 2 Info blue
Wild Strawberry 0.5 Info white
Blackberry Info red,blue
Raspberry Info red