This page is being revised. PLSS corner information and a map index for unrecorded survey maps is available by contacting the county surveyor:


Copies of the original government plats and notes are in the Langlade County Surveyors office in Antigo, Wisconsin. 
The information shown on these notes and plats should be used only by those who have an understanding of the original survey, a background in surveying and knowledge of the application of this original data to re-survey procedures and evidence. To take this original data and try to use it verbatim will almost certainly put the user in the wrong place. Re-tracement survey work requires familiarity of the original government surveyors, research of subsequent survey records, field work to obtain all evidence that will help to find and/or re-establish original government survey corners and the ability to make proper decisions based on record and recovered information. 

Questions regarding the original government plats and notes should be addressed to knowledgeable registered land surveyors who have work with this information.

Resurvey note index information

This list is just a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The columns are: Section, Township, Range, Note Book, Page, Surveyor, Date

Feel free to use this list as a reference for old notes available. If you see something on the list you would like copies of, just call the County Surveyor at 715-627-6311. Tell us which books and pages you’d like copies of. We’ll make copies for $0.25 each and send an invoice along. You may also email requests to but please be sure to provide mailing information.

The list is occasionally updated to correct filing errors and remove duplicate references to the same information.

Section corner ties sheets

Section corner ties sheets are currently available at the County Surveyors office. Plans to make scanned images of the ties sheets available on-line are in the development.

The township index sheets are listed below. If you want copies of the tie sheets, call or email the County Surveyors office with the Township and the alpha-numeric index location. We will run copies and sent a bill along with them.

The index sheets show which corners we have tie sheets on. The information on these sheets should be scrutinized by the user. Langlade County assumes no responsibility for the information shown on these records.

Click on the township that you want research. If you are working along a township boundary, please check the adjoining townships also.

T30N, R11E
T30N, R12E
T31N, R09E
T31N, R10E
T31N, R11E
T31N, R12E
T31N, R13E
T31N, R14E
T31N, R15E
T32N, R09E
T32N, R10E
T32N, R11E
T32N, R12E
T32N, R13E
T32N, R14E
T33N, R09E
T33N, R10E
T33N, R11E
T33N, R12E
T33N, R13E
T33N, R14E
T34N, R09E
T34N, R10E
T34N, R11E
T34N, R12E
T34N, R13E